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Critically acclaimed as the "Grand master of the double bass" or the "Star" by leading European newspapers, Gergely Járdányi is pursuing a busy international career as solo bassist, chamber musician as well as the principal bassist of several sinfonic and chamber orchestras. As soloist he has performed in Europe, America and Asia.

         1989 - centenary of the death of Giovanni Bottesini, the legendary composer and bassist - was a particularly productive year for Járdányi. He gave a series of concerts in several European countries "in memoriam Giovanni Bottesini" with great success. Hungarian newspapers called him a "virtuoso of outstanding talent", La Tribuna (Italy), in total astonishment, recognised to him "exellent technique and first class musicality", "mago del contrabajo" as El Correo Espanol wrote. As significative judgement, Mrs. Anna Bottesini, a descendant of the famous musician exclaimed: "I'm really enthusiastic abouth the wonderful performance of Mr. Járdányi".

         As a result, Járdányi has been invited by the Hungaroton to record the entire output of Giovanni Bottesini works for double bass. The first CD was published in 1997, the second one in 2000, the third one in 2002, the fourth one in 2003 and the fifth one in 2004.

         In addition to his busy international schedule, Járdányi has taught in several Europeen countrys. For 20 years he was professor at the "Ferenc Liszt" Music Academy of Budapest and at the Conservatorio di Vicenza (Italy). His fame, as a soloist and as a pedagogue, has led him to give masterclasses in several europeen countryes and as far away as in America. He has also been a member of the jury for international double bass competitions.

         Doing research-work in Italy, Járdányi found manuscripts of Bottesini, unedited as yet. He is going to publish them in a Bottesini-complete-edition (Akkord Music Publishers, Budapest).

         Gergely Járdányi was born in Budapest (1957), in a family of musicians. His father, Pál Járdányi, was respected composer, ethnomusicologist, professor at the Budapest Academy of Music and close collaborator of Kodály. His mother, Elisabetta Devescovi, was the principal harpist of the Hungarian State Philharmonic Orchestra. After completing the "Béla Bartók" Conservatorium and the "Ferenc Liszt" Music Academy in Budapest, Járdányi continued his studies at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Vienna under Prof. Ludwig Streicher. In 1987 he received his diploma with the highest honors.